Now that we have settled into our new home, my husband and I would be remiss to let the year slip by without telling you how much we appreciated the work Mr. Francis Rolland did for us in selling our townhome at 49 Showers Drive in Mountain View.Francis genuinely showed a personal commitment to us during the entire process and always took our welfare into consideration. Even during moments of wrenching and emotional turns, Francis remained objective, pleasant, gracious, tactful and reassuring. he was attentive to details, kept us updated regularly on all ongoing activities related to the sale, and freely offered his assistance. All of this made our transition so much easier. ...D. Lim

D. Lim, Old Mill, Mountain View

Francis did a wonderful job for us, both on our original home purchase and recent home sale. He was a real pleasure to work with - very professional, personable, and meticulous.He made sure that every detail was handled correctly and on time, and followed up on every issue to make sure it was properly completed. He was always willing to answer any questions, and find out any answers he did not already know.He always made sure we were kept informed, and gave us regular updates - we never had to call him to ask how things were going.He gave us excellent advice on what things we could do to increase the home's "buyer appeal", and which ones were worth the investment.Francis carefully reviewed the comps for our house and discussed them with us, and discussed different strategies on pricing. He continued to research and discuss new comps with us as they came on the market during our preparations for selling, to make sure that all the information was up-to-date.He gave us all the information, but made sure that we made the final decision - there was no pressure to choose one price or strategy over another. We definitely feel that he helped us put the best price on our house, and that he did a great job marketing it, and it sold quickly and for the price we wanted.The overall process was extremely low-stress and hassle-free. Since we were moving out of state, and some of the transaction had to be handled remotely, this was even more impressive!I highly recommend Francis...

Bruce and Romana R., Menlo Park

...this whole process has certainly kept me busy, but every now and then I step back and think about how fortunate I feel to have found such a great place and to have you helping me through every step. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. You really made a difference and you deserve very high praise!Sincerely, Lisa Q.

Lisa Quan, Sunnyvale

A little bit of Montana for your Christmas.We think of you often. you were so very kind to us in the sale of both our houses. We appreciate greatly your caring, trustworthiness, and expertise.It was wonderful to be able to come home knowing we were leaving everything in your capable hands.Hope you have merry Holidays and a prosperous New Year.Thanks againF. Mason

Fran Mason, Silva Court, Palo Alto

Dear Francis,I want to thank you for sending us our mail. You certainly have gone above and beyond your duties. We really apreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. My best to you and your family and may everyone who chooses you for an agent realize how lucky they are.Best regards,J. Jackston

Mr. and Mrs. Jackston, Palo Alto

Thank you very much for helping us to sell our first house. We were prepared for a lenghty and stressful process given that we had to live through the sale. To our pleasant surprise it was a very smooth and virtually worry-free transaction. We admired your professionalism, experience, and attention to every detail. You had an answer to our every concern and it was always the most convenient solution of any possible problem. We gladly recommend you to anybody and would give our advice to your future clients: follow Francis's and Aileen's advices and you will be happy. We did, and we are happy.

Tanya & Victor, Old Mill, Mountain View

Francis Rolland was the most thorough agent I have ever been associated with. He constantly communicated daily happenings discussing options, advantages, disadvantages, etc... I highly recommend him!

R. Wayne, - Old Mill - Mountain View

Dear Francis,Very many thanks for your invaluable help during this house-buying experience. We always felt your advice was based on a great deal of experience - & integrity.With fond regards,Sian & Tony.

Tony and Sian Sumpter, Santa Clara

Dear Francis,Thanks so much for the excellent job selling our townhouse in the Old Mill so quickly and smoothly and thanks for the beautiful address book and delicious jam. You have really helped to make our transition into the new house a joyful time.Best regards,Butler and Ann

Ann & Butler H., Old Mill, Mountain View

I think this is well overdue… but I wanted to forward this to you. We recently celebrated 1 year in our “new” house in Alameda, and I just heard a friend is looking to put his Los Altos home on the market. Below is the email I just sent him recommending the both of you.We so appreciate all you did for us, and truly feel that what you offered us far outweighed anything else we heard. Of course, that’s why we selected you to represent us! I don’t think we ever put our gratitude into words - not for lack of agreement on all you did for us, but more for an insane life post-sale. Still, no excuse. We couldn’t have gotten our sale price without you, but more so, we couldn’t have had the partners in the process with anyone else. You both provided us with so much information, encouragement, support and resources, which all rolled into putting a much better package to market, and a better selling price. And to have had such NICE partners in the process - we never dreaded a meeting, and really felt the process was about as painless as is possible. And, can I tell you we still talk about the photograph that Aileen put in our bathroom?!?! Funny but true. Please feel free to use us as a reference, should you need to do so. We’re still - now a year and a half later - advocates of all you did for us.We hope to return to the area in a few years, and you can know without a doubt that we’ll be giving you a call when we’re ready to be buyers again!Best,Cristina & Dave Lynch - 10/2/06

Cristina & Dave, Parc Crossings, Mountain View