Why use me?

The sale of your real estate asset is a sophisticated process.  There are five main reasons why you would want me to work for you to handle and coordinate this complex undertaking:


  • I evaluate the real market value of your property.  The importance of this first step cannot be emphasized enough.  The real value of your house depends on the recent sales of similar houses in your neighborhood, on the characteristics and special features of your home, and on the market at the time of sale.  It is that knowledge of the market that I bring to the table, in order to make sure that your asset is not marketed at the wrong price level.  Doing so would most likely hurt your bottom line in the end.
  • I coordinate the preparation of your property’s big day: the first day on the market.  Preparation is key in selling real estate, and includes performing pre-sale inspections, deciding with you what is appropriate to repair or not to repair (according to your contingencies and your specific situation), making sure the house is going to show at its best while being marketed, and putting together the voluminous file that buyers will be consulting if, after seeing the house, they wish to prepare an offer.  The preparation of the house is paramount and will also determine how well the house will sell in the end.
  • I market your property using the most advanced technological tools, while covering all bases.  This includes paper and internet advertising. Coldwell Banker offers you and your property an unsurpassed local, national and international exposure to the market of potential buyers, and I supplement this exposure with my own advertising and promotions.  My job at that point in time is to make sure the largest number of potential buyers have a chance to see your house, and to make sure they get their questions answered.  This is where your agent will make a big difference.  I am convinced that unanswered questions or incomplete information translate into lower offers, or costly misunderstandings.
  • As offers are ready to be presented to you, I am here to represent you and negotiate on your behalf.  Not all offers are created equal, and it takes an expert to sift through all the terms and conditions of the offers to distill the information and show you the important details.  The quantity of information to evaluate at that time can be confusing. I bring to the table my experience and expertise in order to sort out for you the critical factors and separate them from the unimportant ones.  I work for you to make sure your interests and priorities are protected, and to maximize your bottom line.
  • Once you are in contract, and during the whole transaction, I closely monitor the buyers’ performance and carefully follow the timeline.  Time is of the essence, and I make sure your time is not going to be wasted.  I keep you informed of all steps of the process. I am at your side at the signing of the documents in escrow, and make sure escrow closes as planned and the file is complete.  Once escrow is closed I prepare an electronic copy of the whole transaction file for you, so that you don’t have to worry about moving a large box of documents with you.  My goal is that you can turn that page of your life and feel secure.  I also keep an electronic copy of the full set of transaction documents for you.


I combine all the latest technical tools with my traditional know-how of the real estate process to bring you an experience which is going to be as painless, efficient and worry-free as possible.  During the whole process I strive to bring you clarity through constant communication, and to adjust to your needs.  Many of my past clients can vouch for it: