Your needs - my job

New Covid-19 Environment:
Please know that all transactions can be prepared and performed throughout entirely electronically, should the need arise. Call, text or video call me 
to find out how.

When time comes to sell your property, you want the process to be as smooth and easy as possible.  Typically, as a seller, you have a lot of other problems and issues to deal with, and you need a seasoned professional to handle all the complexities of the house-selling process.

You need someone who is organized and responsive, and who communicates well with you.  You need someone who listens to your needs and contingencies. You also need someone who uses all the latest technologies, along with all the leading edge marketing tools that a company like Coldwell Banker can provide, to combine them with a seasoned experience of the market place.  I am that person.
Your goal at that point in time is:

-          To sell your house quickly,

-          At the highest price possible,

-          In a legally safe way,

-          With the least amount of trouble for you.

I strive to achieve all these goals for you.

My expertise as a long-time, experienced Realtor saves you the usual mistakes and pitfalls, which in turn saves you time and money.  As in any field, experience is priceless, or, put another way, inexperience has a price.  My know-how will influence how your property will sell.  The way your home will show, combined with the full package of carefully prepared information on it will make it easy for buyers to bring in their best offer.  Their agent will know that the file is complete and well prepared, and it will make the agent’s job easier to encourage their client to offer top price. Homes don’t sell themselves, contrary to what many people think, and they certainly do not sell with the same results without efforts and guidance. 
This factor - among others – ultimately paves the way to the highest selling price for your property.
I am a full-time Realtor, and have been selling homes in the Bay Area since 1985. 
Being in good hands helps you face the complex house-selling process with confidence.